Privacy Policy

Who we are…

Elliot Pointe, LLC is the company behind Cooks Emporium®, Nook & Nest® At Home, Nook & Nest Stationery, Nook & Nest Design, Z.W. Mercantile®, and Elliot Pointe Technology.


What personal data we collect and why we collect it…

Various pieces of personally identifiable information (PII) about our users is collected by Elliot Pointe, LLC., in order for to be able to provide our services and loyalty benefits to our customers. This information is provided by the user voluntarily, through various order forms or other forms of contact by the customer. This may include, but is not limited to: name, mailing address, telephone, email, and birth date.

We also collect various types of anonymous information about visitors to our websites. This includes information related to the visitor and their access and use of our website. Information like IP Address, referral URL, their use of our website, and cookies present on the user’s web browser.


How is my information used?

We use your information exclusively to provide you with services you have requested us to provide, and to provide relevant communication to you about those services. This may include technical and account information about your services, and it may also include communication about new features, functions, specials and other marketing related information. We don’t allow you to unsubscribe from technical and account information, it’s important you receive this information in a timely manner. You may opt-out of receiving marketing related information from us.


How is my information stored?

We follow all industry standards in the transmission and storage of your personal information. Your information is encrypted via multiple methods prior to transmission to our servers, and is encrypted when stored in our storage arrays. Access to information is highly guarded, and monitored and logged. Due to our encryption policies, only some parts of your information are available for us to view or edit on your behalf. Information like your name, address, email, or phone number is available for us to view or edit through the course of our daily business. Highly sensitive information like your Credit Card information is only available to you, and can not be viewed by our Employees. It can not be retrieved once it has been encrypted in our data storage.


Is my information shared?

We value the trust you place in us when you share information with us. We will only share your information in the course of doing regular business, and in the course of our operations. We will not sell or share your information outside of a genuine business need. We work hard to work with and select partners that respect the trust you’ve placed in us.

If for any reason you’d like a copy of any personal information we may have, or you’d like to request we permanently remove that information, please email us at