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There’s a difference between being a Boss, and being a Leader. What culture are you creating?


Most Businesses Fail Due to Conflict Avoidance 

You could have the best product and service in the world, but without the right strategy and leadership, you’re still missing the most important piece of the puzzle. Having the confidence and courage to make difficult decisions that drive the cohesion of your team is what will guarantee your long-term success.¬†

We have over 20 years of people management experience, from retail to restaurant, to tech. We know what it means to lead with empathy, how to motivation your team, and more importantly, how to resolve personal conflict in a healthy way.

We’ll teach you the techniques we have repeated success with in managing people, managers, and executives.


Are You a Boss, or a Leader?

being a Boss

Those who seek power do not deserve it, and those who deserve it do not seek it.”

“People don’t quit jobs. They quit bad managers”

Employee turnover and conflict is almost always linked to a boss. We’ve all had the person who leans on “Because I said so” in an attempt to accomplish tasks. They blame individuals for problems or failures, and may lose their composure or be defensive.

being a leader

Leaders put their team above themselves. Because they’re able to put themselves in their employee’s shoes, they communicate effectively and leverage active listening to understand the concerns of their team. They build strong relationships, and lead from the front, by example. Leaders will never ask you to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. They motivate their team to do the right thing, because they believe it’s the right thing.¬†

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