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Data driven decision making

Understanding the Key Performance Indicators, and trends that are hiding beneath the surface at your organization is critical to unlocking your growth potential. 


How We Increased Revenue by 32% In Less Than 12 Months.

 Spoiler Alert: There’s no magic bullet here. Every business is unique, and every challenge needs a novel solution. We aren’t selling a formula, and this isn’t a guarantee on “How to make a million dollars” by “starting your own small business”. It takes research, creation of a plan, and execution. In 2018, our first year we grew sales by 32%. By 2022, we’ve now seen 75% growth in revenue in just one of our small businesses. Our mission? It’s simple. We want to help you see that same growth.


Driving Sustained Growth


Retail Brick & Mortar stores have a lot of moving pieces. There’s inventory to track, social media trends to stay on top of, new product and relationships to maintain, and employees to hire, train, and manage. All of it is a carefully orchestrated dance of musical chairs, but if we do it right, the music never needs to stop.


Data-driven decision making is crucial for the success of our small businesses, and yours. We collect, analyze and interpret key data to gain insights into your business, your customer behavior, and the market trends. From there, we build a plan together, with an eye on long-term growth. By leveraging data-driven decisions, we can minimize risks and reveal new opportunities to drive success.

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